The Secret Origins of Paradigm

Welcome one and all to Paradigm.   What is Paradigm?  I think I will refer to the definition of Paradigm to the all powerful thesaurus.   Which is:

1.  a model or pattern for something that may be copied

2.  An insomniac teenager using his superpowers and imagination saves the world from his parents.

Okay, the second one isn’t exactly in the dictionary, but I like to think that it should be the second meaning.

This is something I’ve been working on for about a year.  Twyla April (who I will talk about shortly) came to me and decided that she wanted to do a comic with me.  I quickly and haphazardly wrote the first eight pages and saw what happened.   It took some doing and some momentum, but I think Twyla and myself finally clicked.

I’m not sure this is a classic comic.  I mean, I hope it’s good, and think it’s good, but that is ultimately going to be up to you the reader and art appreciator to interpret.  I do know that this script was fun to put together and it has all the things Twyla and I loved about cartoons and anime.  You will see pretty much everything.  Guaranteed.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Twyla April herself.    Twyla is a creative, talented artist that got better with each page.   It’s been a pleasure to work with her.  I want to also thank Jim Reddington who had the unenviable task of lettering my words.   I really messed up on a couple of things.  His professionalism has been beyond reproach and I hope to continue to work with him in the future.

A special thanks should also go to James Julin.  He is a talented cat that I owe many a beverage to for his help.  The last person I need to thank is Jonathan Morrill.   Jon is Twy’s significant other and has enjoyed this odyssey as much as we have.  Because of him, there is lava lamps.  (be warned.)

In the coming weeks there will be a donate button, announcements, and other things but for now all I want to do is say welcome.  I hope you enjoy the journey.

Let us begin shall we?

Joshua Pantalleresco


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