Works In Progress

I can’t believe we’re already on page three.  I know the change of scenery on this page here may seem a touch abrupt, but I do promise that the school will become important somewhere down the road.   Hopefully it will all make sense in the end.

Some of my fascination with Paradigm comes from video games – in particular, one of my inspirations for this game is the persona series.  While this series will get nowhere near as dark as any of those games, the idea of masks and personas and shadows do resonate with the concept of Paradigm quite a bit.  I’m a bit of an identity freak, and I’m always fascinated with the concept of figuring out who the heck you are.

One thing I read once in an interview with Terry Goodkind once was that writers should really get serious about writing when they are older.  His reasoning was that people needed context and experience to fully write a story .  While I don’t buy his argument at all, I do have to agree a bit on context.

One of the hardest things I think any artist in any endeavor has to figure out is who they are.  Because it’s difficult as heck to communicate anything without some concrete idea and clarity of what you are trying to say to people.  What I wanted was an easier question for me to answer than this and I had to go through a bit of a wringer to find part of the answer.  Once I did, I’ve noticed that by and large my writing has improved.  I still have a few technical snafus to work on.  Grammar and diction and how to tell a tale are artforms I think I’m going to be working on till my dying day.

That said, I know who I am and I know what I want to say.  I think that makes me a touch ahead of the game.  What do you all think?

There is going to be an archive soon.  Don’t be surprised if it’s finished by the weekend.  I got enough pages on here to make need of one finally.   Beyond that I promise to hunt down Twyla April and make her write her own bio.   All in all, expect this site to be constantly being improved upon in the weeks and months to come.

Beyond that, I’m at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend promoting this said comic as well as the Watcher which will be out…I think I’ll save it for my other blog on thursday.  I need to be sure I can tell everyone at this point.  Beyond that, if you are in the Calgary area this weekend, come by and say hello.

Every monday and wednesday there will be a new page.  Count on it.

See you all again next week.  Tell your friends.  They’re welcome too.


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