Introducing…the Cosmics

Happy Monday everybody.   Page 6 is up.  The words are mine, the letters are James Reddington’s and the illustrations are by Twyla April.  Up till now, we haven’t seen the all powerful Doctor Cosmic and it was time to remedy that.  Dr. Cosmic is fairly eccentric as you’ll soon see…even for a supervillain.  He has a bit of an impulse control problem that is going to lead to some interesting things up the way.  Needless to say, he’s been a blast to write.

But who hasn’t thought of their parents as villains sometimes?  Now grant you, usually it’s for our own good.  No matter how much we think otherwise, kids don’t have all the answers.  Sometimes the parents have to be tyrants. I think the Cosmics came from that part of my subconscious.  I have no idea though.  Still, who hasn’t as a kid wanted to save the world from our parents, especially if they are mad scientists?

Twyla is killing it.  She’s getting better and better with each page I see.  We’re doing our best to keep ahead and hopefully we’ll be able to keep pace the whole story.  This last week kind of blew as I caught something from the Calgary  Con, so I’ve been slower.  That changes this week.  For now, enjoy Page 6.  Page 7 drops wednesday.

Stay tuned to my other blog right here.  Some cool things are dropping this week.

Comments are welcome, as always.

Joshua Pantalleresco


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