Off to the Printers

My computer apparently had a caught a cold – a minor virus to  exact.  Figuring out how to deal with that took a few days, as did just some general maintenance to the machine.  As is, I apologize to all of you about only one page being available this week.  The regular two will be up monday and wednesday next week as we resume schedule.

On my other blog I will be posting up part two of my interview with Jimmie Robinson as soon as this blog is finished.  I’m really envious of Jimmie’s ability to do well with absolutely every aspect of comics.  Here I am with my stick figures in revolt, and Jimmie is the one man rock show.  Take care to click on this link here to read part one.   Part two will be up shortly.

Twyla is becoming a first time radio guest this week – from Japan.  I’ll have more information with the next page, when, and where you can hear it.

Paradigm is also officially off to the press.  Next month, along with the release of another book, issue one will be out in its entirety and available at any convention Twyla or Myself will attend.   More details are coming soon enough.

All in all, things are going well.  If you like to leave a comment on any of the pages do so.    Thanks for reading!


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