Timing is Everything

Once again, we’ve been caught up by being late.   Once again, I’m the one that deserves the blame.   I could list a myriad of excuses and of things coming up, but the bottom line is that you, the reader, have not been receiving your weekly dose of Paradigm like you should.   That will change from here on out (scheduled breaks aside.)

Yes, there are scheduled breaks planned for the book.  Paradigm much like a lot of other webcomics is a labor of love.  When we started this enterprise, a certain amount of pages were already finished.  Twyla is working on more as we speak, but she is a full time mom and as such, has to work at her pace.   I’m not going to rush this story.  Issue two is written, and I’m writing issue three as I type this.   It will be finished.

That said, it will no longer be interrupted by me.

We’re coming into some of my favorite scenes in the first story.  I enjoy writing villains, and the scenes with the Cosmics themselves I think, are awesome.   Ms. Cosmic may be the most dangerous mom alive.   Dr. Cosmic is more than a bumbling eccentric.  His character (all of the characters actually) flesh out as the story progresses.

I find myself growing to like this story the more and more I work on it.   I saw this story as a chance to simply have a blast, but worried that I wouldn’t have anything worthwhile to say.  Call me old fashioned, but I always think every story should have a bit of weight and message to it.    Getting to the heart of this story has been a real treat.   I cannot wait until the moment arrives.

In the meantime, enjoy this week’s pages.  Twyla really delivers here, and I feel this is some of my strongest stuff in the first issue.




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