Taking Care of Me

This isn’t my typical promotional post – that said, page 17 of Paradigm is up now.  We’re near the end of the first issue.  I’m kind of excited we got this far, and kind of sad that after it will be awhile before the next issue.  Twyla is working on issue two as we speak, but I can’t in all good conscience tell you when issue two will happen.   It will be fun though;  I guarantee it.

Okay, let’s talk about me for a bit.  This is kind of going to be a bit ranty, so if you want to skip this, I understand.

I’m very blessed.   A lot of cool opportunities and things have happenhttps://paradigmcomic.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phped this year.  The Watcher came out.   Paradigm is going well.  I got another project coming up and this week I’m starting to write a story or two for some other people.  That’s an awesome bunch of stuff on my plate.

That said, I still work full time.   My full time job is very blue collar and very physical.   I think the all nighters doing my dreams and the regular hours have broken me down a bit.    The last few days I’ve been tired in ways I’ve never felt before.  Maybe it’s a sign of me getting older, but I also think it’s just part of the price I’ve paid for juggling my dreams and my bills.

Passion is awesome.  Passion is what drives us, but like all great things in life, passion has a price.  The lack of sleep, the myriad of projects, the starts and the stops, and the struggle.  There are days I feel like a beaten man.

I don’t write this for pity.  I know many people struggle like I am.  I just feel like I have to make some changes.  Take less hours for the day job crosses my mind for example.    All in all this is a week for me to reflect and to move forward.

Also, did I mention passion?

This week some cool things will be up here and at http://michaelthroughtime.wordpress.com.   I updated the Watcher Page already.  This week I have an interview that’s kind of special.   I hope people enjoy that little heart to heart.

A few other things may happen too.  As I said, I realize that I am not invincible and that I need to take time for me a little bit.   I’ll figure it out.

Look for Page 18 wednesday.

Hope you are well and hope you are chasing your dreams.  Passion does have a price, but it is worth paying.   I hope to see all of you doing your thing as well.


Half The Run Is Gone!

Page 16 is up.    That is probably one unhappy bird up there.

How is everyone?

Twyla April and I have already have sold half the run of paradigm.  I’m surprised how quickly I’ve gone through the book.  I was nervous about this printing.  It’s a small run yes, but I was really wondering if people would be interested in it.  So far I have no complaints.   I’m going to have to do another run before this is over.

I will have some announcements  this week about appearances.  As is, a lot of things are still kind of in flux.  I can say that I’ve officially started a project with Gio Marko.   What it is, I can’t quite say yet.  I will say that the revolution is coming.  #jointherevolution will be the hashtag to watch on my twitter.

Alright, for now, I’ll be silent.

The next page will be up tomorrow.  Hopefully with a cool picture as well.

I’ll be adding another blog on this soon.  I really want to talk about the project a little bit in more detail.  I feel like this blog is a touch too bare.

I know, I know

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  I realize that there is no excuse.   I’ve been juggling balls the last few weeks.  Opportunities have come my way since I last talked.  I’ve been trying to do them, but in doing so I’ve been neglecting this site far more than I should.

I’m hoping to FINALLY be back on track the rest of the month while I finish the first issue.  And yes, we are finishing the first issue this month.  I’m hoping by the end we’ll be ready to start the second.   Twyla is hard at work on issue two as we write this  and I’m happy to say it’s going well.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for signing announcements if you are in the Calgary area.  Twyla and I will hopefully be sighted doing some book signings at comic shops and other random places in  a week or so.

Our first run is selling quite well.  Even without signings, copies are going quickly.  It’ll be a matter of time before we go to our second run.

I know I’m being cryptic as all hell right now and saying a lot of hopefully’s and maybes.   The next blog will talk about certainties.   I’m tired of being up in the air on a lot of things and hoping this week that this will change.  Until then, I wish i could be clearer, but as I said, doors are opening for me.   Some of them I’ve been dreaming about for years.

I may have some big news in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, enjoy our newest page.  Also, if you have a chance, check out my interview with Larime Taylor on my main page right here.   I hope you enjoy it.

Will be back next week.  By then, everything should be on schedule.

Joshua Pantalleresco