Half The Run Is Gone!

Page 16 is up.    That is probably one unhappy bird up there.

How is everyone?

Twyla April and I have already have sold half the run of paradigm.  I’m surprised how quickly I’ve gone through the book.  I was nervous about this printing.  It’s a small run yes, but I was really wondering if people would be interested in it.  So far I have no complaints.   I’m going to have to do another run before this is over.

I will have some announcements  this week about appearances.  As is, a lot of things are still kind of in flux.  I can say that I’ve officially started a project with Gio Marko.   What it is, I can’t quite say yet.  I will say that the revolution is coming.  #jointherevolution will be the hashtag to watch on my twitter.

Alright, for now, I’ll be silent.

The next page will be up tomorrow.  Hopefully with a cool picture as well.

I’ll be adding another blog on this soon.  I really want to talk about the project a little bit in more detail.  I feel like this blog is a touch too bare.


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