Rico Rico Ricochet

We are finally at my favorite page in the series so far.  I have a soft spot for ricochet, as I too was (kind of still am) as flighty as a hummingbird.   He’s really infatuated with his butterfly.   Expect that to be a bit of a re-occurring theme in the remainder of this series.

But yeah, this page just reeks of awesome.  Twyla inserted a bit of energy and just a twinkle of her mischief in this page.  I think she had a blast drawing it.  I had a blast seeing it for the first time.  The fact it still makes me crack a smile means that there is something to it.

I may have to buy this page up the road.

I digress.  I’m writing this to let me people know that we are coming up to the end of the first issue.  It’s been a bit of a learning curve for me.   Even though the pages are done, life seems to have a way of getting in the way of things like this all too often.   When we finish issue two, this problem will not exist in any form or other.

The other major issue is the fact that we need to advertise this book better.  i appreciate each and every one of you that do visit.  It’s cool to see people pop in and out.   So I need to come up with some kind of content in between the story.  I think I have a solution there, but we’ll see.

Beyond that, I’m glad to see this first issue is nearly done.  I’m hoping in the coming weeks to do an interview with Twyla on the site in order to do a proper commentary on issue one.

In the meantime, I got the rest of issue two to finish.   I must be going now.  Page 21 is going to drop before you know it.

Thanks for reading!